The am:azing thing about five:am yoghurt is that if it wasn’t already sublime enough, you can step things up a notch or two – and by that we mean take things to another astral plane – by incorporating our yoghurts into these ridiculously delicious organic recipes. From perfectly prim parfaits, to perky pizzas that punch above their weight, these really are swish dishes. So if you feel the need to lick your screen, we’ll turn away and give you a moment. It’s the least we can do.





Banana Split Overnight Oats

Breakfast disguised as dessert? What a perfect way to wake up and be am:azing! Not only does this look and taste sensational, it’s also high in fibre and protein. In fact, it’s so good, you can serve it for dessert too!


Banana Pops

Simple. Quick. Healthy. Delicious. Have we ticked all the boxes yet? Cover a banana in creamy five:am yoghurt, sprinkle with our fabulous, crunchy granola and you’re away… Om nom nom nom.